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Manon Lescaut (A2) - Abbé Prévost

Manon Lescaut (A2) - Abbé Prévost shop >>

Manon Lescaut, une tres belle jeune fille, est envoyée par ses parents dans un couvent ... En arrivant sur les lieux, elle rencontre un jeune homme, Des Grieux, qui tombe immédiatement amoureux d’elle. Ils décident alors de ne plus se quitter. Pourtant Manon, qui aime le luxe et l’aisance, accepte parfois de répondre aux avances de riches amants. Des Grieux ne l’aime pas moins, car il est certain de sa sincérité lorsqu’elle tente de lui faire preuve de son amour. Ils feront toutefo.. Zistiť viac >>

Heart of Darkness (C2) - Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness (C2) - Joseph Conrad shop >>

Heart of Darkness is classified by the Modern Library website editors as one of the “100 best novels” and part of the Western canon. Marlow, a man who has spent his life at sea, tells the story of a journey up the River Congo which changed his life. His journey upriver to find Kurtz, the charismatic head of a colonial trading station, takes him into the very heart of Africa and leads Marlow to question both Kurtz’s dubious methods and his own very nature. Conrad’s dark and powerfully evo.. Zistiť viac >>

A Collection of first World War Poetry (C2)

A Collection of first World War Poetry (C2) shop >>

More than any other conflict, the Great War inspired writers of all generations and classes. This collection reflects the wide variety of poems written, in the English language, about The War that Will End War (H.G. Wells, 1914). The collection contains poetry written during, or immediately after, the First World War. The poets were influenced by their war experiences in many different ways: some served in the trenches, others drove ambulances, flew planes, fought at sea or wrote propaganda for .. Zistiť viac >>

The turn of the Screw (B2)

The turn of the Screw (B2) shop >>

Are there ghosts at Bly, or is the governess going mad? A young woman starts her first job as a governess in charge of two young orphans, Miles and Flora, at a country house called Bly. The children are beautiful and well-behaved, but are they too good to be true? When the governess starts to experience strange visions, she suspects that the children are hiding a terrible secret. Sú tu v Bly duchovia, alebo sa opatrovateľka zbláznila? Mladá žena nastúpila prvýkrát do práce ako opatrov.. Zistiť viac >>

Gulliver s Travels (A1) - Jonathan Swift

Gulliver s Travels (A1) - Jonathan Swift shop >>

Jonathan Swift’s best known full-length work, and a classic of English literature. Gulliver is a doctor on a ship. He travels from England to many places. He meets little people and giants, he meets people from the past and horses who can talk. He also encounters pirates and terrible storms. Will he ever return home? Will he be happy in England? Najznámejšie dielo Jonathana Swifta v plnom rozsahu, klasika anglickej literatúry. Angličan Gulliver je doktorom na lodi. Cestuje na mnohé miest.. Zistiť viac >>

Notre-Dame de Paris (B2) - Victor Hugo

Notre-Dame de Paris (B2) - Victor Hugo shop >>

La bohémienne se retourne soudain, le voit, tressaille : « Oh ! le vilain homme ! » dit-elle. Paris, 6 janvier 1482. Au cours des festivités qui accompagnent traditionnellement le jour de l’Épiphanie, le belle Esmeralda danse sur la place de Greve ou flambe un grand feu de joie. Parmi les mille visages rougis par le reflet des flammes, il y en a un qui semble plus que tous les autres absorbés par la contemplation de la danseuse. Et tandis que la jeune bohémienne danse et voltige au plai.. Zistiť viac >>

Il Souvenir egizio - Book + CD (A2) - Mary Flagan

Il Souvenir egizio - Book + CD (A2) - Mary Flagan shop >>

“Questo nuovo caso e veramente difficile.” Giulia e una ragazzina molto vivace e intelligente. Ama risolvere misteri e il suo sogno e diventare una famosa detective, come il famoso commissario Salvo Montalbano. Un giorno la sua vita cambia a causa di un semplice souvenir comprato in Egitto. Ma e un semplice souvenir o qualcosa di piu? E perché una misteriosa limousine nera e arrivata in citta? Aiuta Silvia a risolvere il mistero. "„Tento nový prípad je skutočne ťažký.“ Julia je .. Zistiť viac >>

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo+CD (B1) - Alexander Dumas

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo+CD (B1) - Alexander Dumas shop >>

Edmond Dantes et son double, le Comte de Monte-Cristo, dépassent le cadre historique contemporain dans lequel ils évoluent et nous plongent au coeur de mythes universels. Février 1815. De retour a Marseille apres un long voyage en mer, Edmond Dantes, est victime d’un complot. Accusé d’etre un agent bonapartiste, il est arreté le jour de ses fiançailles et emprisonné au Château d’If. Bien des années plus tard, il parvient a s’évader et, immensément riche, décide de se venger. .. Zistiť viac >>

White Fang + CD (A2) - Jack London

White Fang + CD (A2) - Jack London shop >>

Would you like a wolf as a pet? This is the story of a wolf named White Fang and his journey through the world of men. This is the story of White Fang, a wild wolf who falls into the hands of men. They use White Fang’s strength and are cruel to him so that he becomes fierce and dangerous. But through Scott, a different type of man, White Fang learns that between animals and people there can be love and respect and loyalty. Chceli by ste mať ako domáceho miláčika vlka? Toto je príbeh o je.. Zistiť viac >>

Dear Diary...(A2)

Dear Diary...(A2) shop >>

“The most important thing is not to think very much about oneself.” Virginia Woolf In this book, you will find the diaries of many different people. Here are writers, artists, musicians, and people with important stories to tell. Some are famous – Anne Frank, George Orwell and Kurt Cobain – others you will meet for the first time. „Najdôležitejšie je priveľa si o sebe nenamýšľať.“ Virginia Woolfová V tejto knihe nájdete denníky rôznych ľudí – spisovateľov, umelcov,.. Zistiť viac >>

The Wonderful Wizard of oz - New edition with Multi-ROM (A1) - L. Frank Baum

The Wonderful Wizard of oz - New edition with Multi-ROM (A1) - L. Frank Baum shop >>

Can you imagine being whooshed away by the wind to a magic land of witches and strange characters? Have you ever met Munchkins or Winkies or monkeys with wings and an all powerful wizard? This is the story of how Dorothy made some wonderful friends in a magic land and how she tried to get back home to Kansas. Did she manage? You’ll have to read the story to find out! Viete si predstaviť, že vás vietor odveje do magickej krajiny čarodejníc a podivných postáv? Už ste sa niekedy stretli .. Zistiť viac >>

Hurra, Ferien! + Multi-ROM (A0) - Dominique Guillemant

Hurra, Ferien! + Multi-ROM (A0) - Dominique Guillemant shop >>

Wie schön mit der ganzen Familie in den Urlaub zu fahren… und mit dem eigenen, innig geliebten Hund. Sven hat Sommerferien. Er ist mit Oma und Opa am Meer. Auch sein kleiner Hund Flecki ist dabei. Sie spielen am Strand, baden im Meer und erleben viele kleine Abenteuer… Celá rodina ide na dovolenku... aj s ich milovaným psom. Sven má letné prázdniny. Trávi ich so starými rodičmi pri mori. Je tam aj jeho malý pes menom Patch. Hrajú sa spolu na pláži, plávajú v mori a zažívaj.. Zistiť viac >>

Egghead (A2) - Michael Lacey Freeman

Egghead (A2) - Michael Lacey Freeman shop >>

A true story of bullying and friendship. Hello! My name is Michael, and this is my secret diary. Well, it’s not really a secret, because I want you to read it. This is my story, but it’s also everybody’s story. Look at the picture on the front of this book. That’s me! I’m going to school, and I’m not very happy about it. The other children are not very kind to me. But I’ve got a very special friend who always helps me. Do you want to know more? Well, open the book and read it. I ho.. Zistiť viac >>

Three Men in a Boat + CD (A2)

Three Men in a Boat + CD (A2) shop >>

Three Men in a Boat is a humorous book that will make you laugh while it gives you a view of Victorian England and the Thames. Three friends, George, Harris and J. decide they need a holiday and plan to go on a trip on the river. J. tells the story of that two-week trip. He includes funny stories from past trips and stories he has heard. He also gives us historical and geographical information about the places they pass or stay in. Three Men in a Boat (Traja muži v lodi) vás pobavia, a zárov.. Zistiť viac >>

Mamie Petronille et le ballon (AO) - Jane Cadwallader

Mamie Petronille et le ballon (AO) - Jane Cadwallader shop >>

Une histoire hilarante avec une mamie comme on n’en fait plus ! C’est l’histoire de mamie Pétronille et d’un petit garçon qui perd son ballon. Il y a une chasse en planche a roulettes dans la ville quand un chien, un chat et un écureuil s’emparent du ballon. Est-ce que mamie Pétronille va pouvoir rendre le ballon au petit garçon ? "Zase raz veselý príbeh s jedinečnou babičkou Petronillou! Toto je príbeh o babičke Petronille a chlapcovi, ktorý stratí svoju loptu. Do cesty .. Zistiť viac >>

Oma Fix und das Gelbe Band+ Multi-ROM (A0) - Jane Cadwallader

Oma Fix und das Gelbe Band+ Multi-ROM (A0) - Jane Cadwallader shop >>

Wo ein kleines gelbes Band viele Probleme lösen kann… oder nicht? Anna verliert auf dem Weg zur Schule immer ihre Sachen. Aber Oma Fix hat eine gute Idee: Sie legt ein magisches gelbes Band in Annas Schultasche. Das Band holt alles, was Anna verliert, wieder zurück. Wunderbar – bloß taucht jetzt ein anderes Problem auf! Malá žltá šnúrka dokáže vyriešiť veľa problémov... alebo nie? Anna po ceste do školy stratí svoje veci. Babička Fix má však dobrý nápad. Položí na Ann.. Zistiť viac >>

Tonton Jean et les pingouins (A1.1) - Jane Cadwallader

Tonton Jean et les pingouins (A1.1) - Jane Cadwallader shop >>

Allons vivre des aventures dans l’Antartique ! Des pingouins empereurs ne peuvent pas aller pondre leurs oeufs dans leur endroit habituel. Tonton Jean va-t-il pouvoir les aider ? Allons vivre des aventures dans l’Antarctique ! Des pingouins empereurs ne peuvent pas aller pondre leurs oeufs dans leur endroit habituel. Tonton Jean va-t-il pouvoir les aider ? Voila une histoire drôle ou vous apprendrez beaucoup de choses sur les pingouins empereurs. Suivons Tonton Jean et les autres pour savoi.. Zistiť viac >>

Decameron  (A1)

Decameron (A1) shop >>

Frate Cipolla e la penna dell’Arcangelo Gabriele, Calandrino e l’elitropia, Chicchibio e le gru: tre divertenti novelle per conoscere un grande classico della letteratura italiana. Un frate disonesto fa credere ai fedeli che la penna di un pappagallo e, in realta, una penna delle ali dell’Arcangelo Gabriele, ma due furbi giovanotti gli fanno un brutto scherzo. L’ingenuo pittore Calandrino cerca una pietra magica che rende invisibili. Chicchirio, cuoco dalla risposta pronta, si salva da u.. Zistiť viac >>

Fuenteovejuna (A2) - Félix Lope de Vega

Fuenteovejuna (A2) - Félix Lope de Vega shop >>

“No hay obra más democrática en todo el teatro castellano” Menéndez Pelayo. Fernán Gómez, comendador de Fuenteovejuna, noble prepotente y lascivo, comete abusos de toda índole contra el pueblo, humillando a los hombres y atentando contra la virtud de las mujeres. Un día, durante la celebración de una boda campesina, el senor feudal, iracundo, irrumpe en la alegre fiesta, manda arrestar al novio y rapta a la novia para satisfacer su lujuria. ?Va a continuar permitiendo el pueblo tales.. Zistiť viac >>

En busca del amigo desaparecido (A1) - Maureen Simpson

En busca del amigo desaparecido (A1) - Maureen Simpson shop >>

Rafa, un amigo de los gemelos Pepe y Chelo, ha desaparecido misteriosamente. ?Dónde está? !Necesitan toda su perspicacia y tu ayuda para encontrarlo! Pepe y Chelo son gemelos, aunque no se parecen. Después de un larguísimo curso escolar, por fin hoy están de vacaciones... ?unas vacaciones tranquilas? !Pues no! Su amigo Rafa ha desaparecido. !Quizás alguien lo ha secuestrado! ?Habrán sido Ramón, Juan y Manolo, la Banda de la Mano Negra? "Rafa, priateľ dvojčiat Pepeho a Chela, záhadne .. Zistiť viac >>

Colegas! + CD (A2) - Raquel Garcia Prieto

Colegas! + CD (A2) - Raquel Garcia Prieto shop >>

Una historia de amistad inmersa en la música; un relato de misterio con el que conocer una ciudad maravillosa: Madrid. Un grupo de rock emergente compuesto por tres jóvenes amigos. Un gran evento musical de Madrid puede ser su gran oportunidad. Pero poco antes de su concierto de debut ante el público, desaparece sin dejar rastro el bajo, uno de sus instrumentos. Los chicos tienen pocos recursos para sustituirlo; por eso deciden encontrarlo. El presunto ladrón deja pistas que llevan a Javi, L.. Zistiť viac >>

The Jungle Book + CD (A2) - Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book + CD (A2) - Rudyard Kipling shop >>

‘I can call him Mowgli’, she said to her husband. Mowgli is Little Frog in the language of the jungle. It is not a funny film for children. People and animals die. And one child kills the great tiger and changes the laws of the jungle. „Budem ho volať Mowgli,“ povedala manželovi. Mowgli znamená v jazyku džungle „malá žaba“. Nejde o zábavný film pre deti. Ľudia a zvieratá zomierajú. Jedno dieťa však zabije veľkého tigra a zmení zákony džungle... Zistiť viac >>

The Prince and the Pauper (A2) - Mark Twain

The Prince and the Pauper (A2) - Mark Twain shop >>

A young beggar boy meets the Prince of Wales by chance. It is a moment that will change their lives forever. Two boys are born on the same day, but their lives are very different. Edward Tudor is a prince and Tom Canty is a pauper. One day they decide to change identities. The poor boy’s dreams come true and he lives like a prince. The prince, on the other hand, discovers what life is like on the poor streets of London. But are dreams what they really seem? The boys soon find out. Mladý žob.. Zistiť viac >>

Le tour du monde en 80 jours - Jules Verne

Le tour du monde en 80 jours - Jules Verne shop >>

Un roman d’aventures au suspense haletant et un document instructif sur le monde a la fin du XIXe siecle. Phileas Fogg, membre éminent du Reform club parie 20 000 livres avec les membres de son club qu’il parviendra a faire le tour de la terre en 80 jours. Le soir meme, accompagné de son domestique français, Passepartout, il prend le train pour Paris. Soupçonné, d’avoir volé 55 000 livres a la Banque d’Angleterre, il est suivi par le détective Fix. Apres toute une série d’avent.. Zistiť viac >>

Henri et la compétition sportive  (A2) - Jane Cadwallader

Henri et la compétition sportive (A2) - Jane Cadwallader shop >>

Henri n’est pas du tout un fan des compétitions sportives ! Dans cette histoire notre héros affronte le golf et le volley et finit par nous surprendre ! Henri et ses amis ont été sélectionnés a une compétition sportive. Ils descendent dans un hôtel au bord de la mer ou la compétition va avoir lieu. Tout a l’air normal… mais quelque chose de louche va se passer a l’hôtel. Henri je snáď posledný, kto by sa chcel zúčastniť športových súťaží! V tomto príbehu sa náš .. Zistiť viac >>

David Copperfield+ CD (B1) - Charles Dickens

David Copperfield+ CD (B1) - Charles Dickens shop >>

The story traces the life of David Copperfield from childhood to maturity. David Copperfield looks back on the first twenty-five years of his life. He is only eight years old when his mother, a young pretty widow, remarries. Unfortunately Mr Murdstone is not a good husband or father. David is sent away to school and only returns home when tragedy strikes. Unloved and unwanted, he is sent to work in a factory. But David is a resourceful boy and determines to find a better life for himself. Príb.. Zistiť viac >>

La Belle et la Bete+ CD (A1.1)

La Belle et la Bete+ CD (A1.1) shop >>

Pour sauver son pere, Belle se sacrifie et va vivre avec la Bete. Cette aventure lui réserve de belles surprises et Belle trouve l’amour. A cause d’une rose que son pere cueille dans le jardin de la Bete et a cause de ses méchantes soeurs, Belle se retrouve prisonniere dans un beau château. La Bete veut l’épouser mais Belle refuse toujours jusqu’au jour ou… Aby zachránila svojho otca, Belle sa obetuje a žije s netvorom. Toto dobrodružstvo jej však prinesie i lásku. Jedna ru.. Zistiť viac >>

In search of a Missing Friend  (A1) - Maureen Simpson

In search of a Missing Friend (A1) - Maureen Simpson shop >>

‘This isn’t going to stop us! We’re definitely going to find Wills!’ No one knows where Wills has gone – and his best friends, the twins Harry and Camilla – are very worried. Last time they saw him, Wills was with the Black Hand Gang – and he looked extremely unhappy! Luckily, Wills has left the twins lots of clues to follow – maybe they’ll find him soon. You can solve the mystery, you can find Wills. You’ll discover his fantastic inventions too! Nič nás nezastaví! Určit.. Zistiť viac >>

A Faraway World (A2) - Maria Luisa Banfi

A Faraway World (A2) - Maria Luisa Banfi shop >>

‘I am British, just like you!’ Marquat, born in Cardiff, but with Nigerian parents is an intelligent, inquisitive boy but also sometimes insecure and shy. He hopes to do well in life and works hard to achieve his dreams. One day, unfortunately, he comes across racial prejudices because of the colour of his skin. However, just as he begins to think he’s alone, he discovers the value of friendship which will help him overcome any problem. Som Brit! Marquat, ktorý sa narodil nigérijským.. Zistiť viac >>

Mrs Dalloway (C1) - Virginia Woolfová

Mrs Dalloway (C1) - Virginia Woolfová shop >>

Mrs Dalloway is a novel that details a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway in post-World War I. It is one of Woolf’s best-known novels. London 1923. The First World War has been over for five years, but the effects are still being felt all round the metropolis. A socialite and politician’s wife prepares for one of her famous parties while somewhere else in the city an old friend contemplates the pain of past and present love, a war veteran struggles with his inner demons, and other characte.. Zistiť viac >>

Aus dem Leben Eines Taugenichts+CD (A2) - Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff

Aus dem Leben Eines Taugenichts+CD (A2) - Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff shop >>

Eine unterhaltsame Geschichte über Entdeckungen und Reisen, die die Liebe zur Natur mit Abenteuerlust verbindet. „Du sitzt schon wieder in der Sonne, und ich muss alle Arbeit alleine tun. Der Frühling ist da, geh in die Welt hinaus und verdiene dir selber dein Brot! „Nichts lieber als das! Fröhlich verabschiedet sich der junge Taugenichts von seinem Vater und zieht los, um in der Welt sein Glück zu machen. Die abenteuerliche Reise über Berg und Tal führt ihn bis nach Rom und schließli.. Zistiť viac >>

Die Verwandlung +CD (B1) - Franz Kafka

Die Verwandlung +CD (B1) - Franz Kafka shop >>

Kafkas unangefochten Meisterwerk, das die Verwandlungen des jungen Gregor erzählt. Franz Kafka ist einer der bedeutendsten deutschsprachigen Erzähler des 20. Jahrhunderts. Seine Erzählung „Die Verwandlung” thematisiert in ungewohnter Weise ein immer aktuelles Problem in der menschlichen Gesellschaft, den Konflikt zwischen Vater und Sohn. Erzählt wird die Geschichte des jungen Gregor Samsa, der sich aus ungeklärter Ursache in einen riesigen Käfer verwandelt. Diese Mutation verändert so.. Zistiť viac >>

Die Leiden Des Jungen Werther + CD (B1) - Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Die Leiden Des Jungen Werther + CD (B1) - Johann Wolfgang Goethe shop >>

Der leidenschaftliche Briefroman, der das romantische Thema der Verbindung zwischen Liebe und Tod meisterhaft einführt und zum Manifest einer ganzen Generation wird. Werther verliebt sich in Lotte, und sie erwidert seine gefühle. Doch Lotte ist bereits vergeben. Als ihr Verlobter, der brave Albert, von einer Reise heimkehrt, schließt man Freundschaft. Aber Werther wird immer eifersüchtiger. Sein Enthusiasmus für das ländliche Idyll wandelt sich langsam in einen tiefen Pessimismus... Dieser.. Zistiť viac >>

Alice in the  Wonderland - New edition with Multi-ROM (A2) - Lewis Carroll

Alice in the Wonderland - New edition with Multi-ROM (A2) - Lewis Carroll shop >>

‘It was a hot, hot day; her boring sister was reading a boring book – with no pictures! –and Alice didn’t know what to do...’ The classic story of a young girl who falls into a hole, eats and drinks poison and grows bigger and smaller. „Bol to neskutočne horúci deň; jej nudná sestra čítala nudnú knihu – bez obrázkov! – a Alica nevedela, čo má robiť...“ Klasický príbeh mladého dievčaťa, ktoré spadne do diery, je a pije jed, rastie a zmenšuje sa. Priložené CD-.. Zistiť viac >>

The Call of the Wild + CD (B1) - Jack London

The Call of the Wild + CD (B1) - Jack London shop >>

When The Call of the Wild was published the first printing of 10,000 copies sold out immediately and it is still one the best known stories written by an American author. Buck, a happy, quiet dog living in sunny California, is kidnapped and sent north to begin a new hard life as a sled dog during the Klondike Gold Rush. Read about his adventures and the many problems he has to face in this new cruel world. Discover how he begins to change and how he responds to the Call of the Wild. Prvých 10 .. Zistiť viac >>

Vals Diary + CD (B1) - Mary Flagan

Vals Diary + CD (B1) - Mary Flagan shop >>

‘Wow! A date! This is my first date. Maybe next year my diary will be full of photos and secret letters like all my friends. Please come, Luke. Oh, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to phone Sally and tell her everything. Wednesday is so far away!’ School’s over at last! Summer holidays are here but who wants to spend them in the countryside? Not Val, of course! She hates the country, but eventually she’ll change her mind. Guess why! Read her diary and find out. This country holiday is re.. Zistiť viac >>

Pride and Prejudice (B1) - Jane Austenová

Pride and Prejudice (B1) - Jane Austenová shop >>

‘Everybody knows that it is true that any rich, single man must definitely want a wife.’ Mrs Bennet has five daughters and they are all unmarried. When rich, single Mr Bingley comes to live in the area, she is sure that he will be the perfect husband for Jane, the eldest Miss Bennet. Then proud Mr Darcy comes to stay with Bingley. Will any of the Bennet daughters be good enough for him? Lively, intelligent Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t think so. She dislikes Mr Darcy immediately. She prefers ha.. Zistiť viac >>

The Strange Case of Dr.Jekylland and  Mr.Hyde + CD (A2) - Robert Louis Stevenson

The Strange Case of Dr.Jekylland and Mr.Hyde + CD (A2) - Robert Louis Stevenson shop >>

The novella’s impact is such that it has become a part of the language. Jekyll is a famous London doctor, but something unusual is happening in his house. Who is his strange young friend? Why does Jekyll like him? And why does no-one else like him? Stevenson’s dark thriller is the story of one man’s need to find himself in the dark, foggy London of Victorian times. Táto vplyvná novela sa stala súčasťou jazyka. Jekyll je známy londýnsky doktor, no v jeho dome sa deje niečo nezvyča.. Zistiť viac >>

Oliver Twist (A1) - Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist (A1) - Charles Dickens shop >>

‘Please, sir, can I have some more?’ asks Oliver. Oliver Twist is a poor orphan boy. He hasn’t got a mum or dad and he lives in a terrible place called the workhouse. One day, he makes the master of the workhouse very angry and his life changes forever... What will happen next to Oliver? Where will he go? Will he find a nice family to live with or will Fagin and his gang of thieves make Oliver stay with them? Read this exciting tale of life in 19th century England and find out! „Prosím.. Zistiť viac >>

Onkel Karl und die Pinguine  (A1.1) - Jane Cadwallader

Onkel Karl und die Pinguine (A1.1) - Jane Cadwallader shop >>

Onkel Karl bekommt einen Anruf aus der Antarktis: Die Kaiserpinguine haben ein Problem! Die Kaiserpinguine wollen an den Ort wandern, wo sie jedes Jahr ihre Eier legen. Aber es gibt zu wenig Schnee! Onkel Karl, Nik und die Zwillingsschwestern reisen mit dem Heißluftballon in die Antarktis, um den Pinguinen zu helfen. Strýkovi Karlovi zavolajú z Antarktídy: tučniaky cisárske majú problém! Tučniaky cisárske chcú ísť na miesto, kde každoročne kladú vajcia. Nie je tam však dosť sn.. Zistiť viac >>

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